The Marsels are Boston's premier entertainment choice for family and corporate events. They perform for weddings, clubs, colleges, and performing arts centers locally and internationally. Their music is lively, funky and spirited, or, when called for, smooth and laid back.

When you are planning that special event, choose your entertainment as carefully as you do the room, the menu, and the guest list - at least two-thirds of the evening's activities will depend on it.

In addition to quality musicianship you will want individuals who understand how to pace an evening. Who know how to adjust the music and their socializing to fit the needs of the occasion. No group in Boston does that better than the Marsels. We like how a recent client put it: "You guys are a kick-ass band who happen to play weddings too".

The Marsels

And what Makes The Marsels the number one attraction in Boston?

It's that proven formula: Take only the finest music of the day, season it with some memories from the past, and perform it with so much style and energy that people can't help having a good time - no matter what their age.

So when you want your guests to have a lasting memory of that special evening, grace your stage with the eight talented musical performers known as The Marsels.

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